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RUF Fuel briquettes

We produce briquettes from homogeneous fraction of wood waste (sawdust) with RUF standard. Our briquettes consist of oak(30-40%) and pine (60-70%). Sawdust comes from parquet production without any glue or dust.The raw material comes to us absolutely dry and clean. The quality control is done by Karelia-Upofloor company.

For covinient transportation and keeping we use shrink film for packing. The pack is 12 peaces, 10kg. Our briquettes are done with care, as we follow all the recommended toolings.

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  1. добрый день. а какова цена одной упаковки? доставка, самовывоз? находимся в районе ворсино….

    • Приветствую!
      Цена упаковки от 50 до 100 рублей в зависимости от количества …
      Доставка отдельно.