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The letter of Mr. D.Maksimov, company’s CEO


    As for the various briquettes and other products from pressed wood waste and agriculture, much has been said… Everyone more or less knows what it is, knows how it’s done, and what a direct economic sense it makes. But few people look at this kind of business from a political point of view, and if you want from a moral point of view!

    Almost all the wars of the late 20th and 21th centuries were due to energy, mainly hydrocarbons, and although the pretexts were political or religious, all sane people understand that the struggle is for irreplaceable resources. Multiple casualties, destruction and eventual loss of independence

     We are to look to the future! In Russia we have a huge potential in the production of alternative, environmental and main renewable fuels. Bricket production is one of them, and the one who understands it and knows, he will ultimately be not only a successful entrepreneur, but also a real citizen and patriot.

   Europe develops this business for a long time, thinking also about their children, because emissions into the atmosphere of harmful substances are in much less, and calorific value is comparable to coal. Russia, having joined the WTO, has made a commitment to equalize the cost of gas and electricity in the domestic market with the global, and therefore the growth rate of these traditional fuels will be huge, coal is more difficult and therefore more expensive to extract. Russia is a huge and mostly northern country. The majority of the population is heated by conventional firewood, but with seeming simplicity and cheapness, it is less profitable in terms of energy received per kg/cube compared to fuel briquettes. The economic component of this project is obvious, but the ecology also has it’s own material benefits.

Best regards, Dmitry                        14.01.2012

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